About DDH

Deborah Daughters’ House of Empowered Women (referred to in this document as Deborah’s House), provides a safe and nurturing supportive home environment in DeKalb County, Georgia for aged-out foster care young women. The target population is single young women between the ages of 18-24 years who may or may not have one child under the age of three, hereafter referred to as our residents. 


The primary goal of Deborah’s House is to assist women in establishing a lifestyle of self-sufficiency, thereby enabling them to be clothed in strength, dignity and live without fear of the future.


Deborah’s House provides homeless women and children a safe nurturing home environment that will empower a lifestyle to be self-sufficient; therefore, enabling them to be clothed in strength, dignity and live without fear of the future.


Deborah’s House is a safe loving home meeting the needs of homeless women and children.

Deborah Daughter's House