Job Counseling, Career Counseling, Job Skills Classes, Interviewing, Dress for Success and Financial Planning

Social Supportive Services

WIC Applications, Marta Services, Child Care, Food Stamps, Voter Registration and TANF

Medical Support

(Adult & Child Health), Peach Care/Child Immunization, Case/Care management, Domestic Violence & Celebration Recovery Group Support, Physical Examination, Women Health, Confidential HIV Testing & Drug Testing, TB Testing, Health Hygiene and Healthy Eating Habits


​Vision Exams and Eyeglasses


​Annual Cleaning and Dental Exams


GED, Technical Trades, Computer Training, Self esteem Classes, Parenting Skills, Ethics Classes and Life Skills Management

Legal Assistance

Legal Aid Support, Georgia State ID, Birth Certificate and Drivers License 

DDH Services

 Deborah Daughter's House services will be provided by trained staff and volunteers. Our staff will include an Intake Clinician, Residence Manager, and Life Skills Coach. Our array of services include but is not limited to: housing/utilities, meals, independent living skills training,

case management, counseling, financial management classes, a savings plan, computer training opportunities, educational opportunities, spiritual discipleship, transportation and referrals for other needed services.

Financial Literacy 

Credit Repair, Checking and Savings Account

Deborah Daughter's House