-  Females between the ages of 18-24 years. Residents may have children under the age of 3

-  Have a sincere desire to make a change

Be fully detoxified and free of illegal drugs (drugs not prescribed by your doctor) and alcohol of any-kind

-  Agree to initial and random drug testing 

-  Be willing and able to commit to an uninterrupted twenty-four month program 

-  Be physically able to perform work assignments including returning to school for professional development

-  Be medically able to fully participate in a program that does not provide medical, dental or prescription     drug assistance

-  Be mentally stable and capable of functioning in a therapeutic community environment with classroom and group activities

-  Be willing to refrain from romantic relationships

-  Participate in a savings program for future residency if you are receiving income of any             type 

DDH Admission Requirements 

Potential residents are recruited through referrals made by reliable agencies working with displaced, as well as marketing strategies such as: hospitals, shelters, children’s homes, high schools, and Department of Family and Children Services (DFACS) offices. The loving, nurturing, and professional care that Deborah’s House provides is sure to appeal to any young woman who is genuinely seeking a future filled with empowerment, hope, self-sufficiency and dignity.

Deborah Daughter's House